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Our Mission

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We support people in exploring their subconscious with the help of dreams.

you dream every day
you dream in life
dreams are forgotten

What other dreamers say

WeDream community

It is more than just a dream app, it is a movement to bring dreams back into the mainstream. Connect with the most powerful dream community in the world.

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Dreams help me to discover topics I can work on.

A memeber of the wedream community

Aaron S

from Germany

I can learn something from my dreams.

A memeber of the wedream community

Jana T

from USA

For me dreaming is often connected with stress and tension.

A memeber of the wedream community

Kathrin S

from England

I talk about my dreams to take away my fear.

A memeber of the wedream community

Lana K

from USA

A lucid dreamer who flies out of bed in his sleep

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WeDream used for?

WeDream is more than just a simple dream app. Record dreams, interpret and analyze them to see the big picture.

How does WeDream work?

WeDream work with therapists and dream experts to fully understand dreams. This knowledge is used by artificial intelligence to analyze dreams with highly advanced technology.

Is WeDream free?

WeDream will always offer a free version of the app, which allows you to record and analyze dreams.

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